Why do I need a website?

Any website has a number of important functions. First of all it is your business card in the virtual world. Even if you have a well known business that sells products in the real world, your customers will still want to see your operation, who you are and your products – online. This is an era of abundance and of businesses in particular which is why you need a website to get your client to prefer with your services over others.

I am an independent small business owner and have a Facebook page. Do I also need a website?

I am myself a Facebook user and understand the importance of a Facebook page for your business (I also have a page of my own). But, a Facebook page is not a website! On a page you can advertise shorts statuses, to interest and intrigue your customer but if you want to deepen your status, you are able to do so in the best way on your website.

Can a website bring me new customers?

A website by itself is not a magician. Unfortunately it is not enough to only build a website and to hope someone notices it. I believe that in order for your site to bring clientele, it needs to “breath” meaning it must run on its own in the web and must be updated regularly, pictures must be refreshed, and your site needs to be promoted via Facebook, linkedin or any other social network you are on. This creates organic results on Google that then recognizes your site and promotes it.

Another option is to promote your site with a budget on Google (We can refer you to the best website promoters).

I don’t have a big budget. Should I still invest in a website?

I recommended you take a look at the page where I wrote about site characteristics. It may be that the needs of your business require a aesthetically simpler site which is easy to build, making it not expensive to build. In any case I recommend you give us a call and we will be able to give you the best offer without any obligation. You really have nothing to lose.

I don’t have a logo for my business. Is that a problem when building a website?

One of my favourite things is the graphic side of building sites, and that includes the branding of your business. When we build your site, we will also design a logo for you, alongside the entire graphic branding of your business.